The Acorn, The Oak and The Church

Ahh yes, it’s harvest time again. Doing yard work, you either love it or hate it; either way it takes time and when it’s done you get the satisfaction of looking upon a job well done. Todays yard work consisted of raking up acorns. There I was, looking at hundreds, thousands, millions of acorns, ok– not millions, but thousands of acorns for sure. The Oak in my back yard is huge; it’s one of the John Ronald Reuel Tolkien trees from the “The Lord of The Rings”. At any moment I expect it to speak to me with a very deep, slow and foreboding voice “Jesus Loves You— Young Squire.” Well, I’m young compared to the oak!

As I was raking, I started to talk to The Lord Jesus and I found myself saying “yep, a soul for each acorn I rake up”. Then I heard His still small voice, “Really, a soul for each one.” “Yep, a soul for each one and all the others i’ve raked up too.” Earlier this month, at the behest of the Lord Jesus, while trimming bushes, I found myself crying out for hundreds and thousands and millions of souls from the North, South, East and West to the glory of The Lord of The Harvest. It was a glorious time of worship as I sang and wielded the trimmer harvesting branches and leaves like a huge harvest sickle.

Acorns were everywhere as the afore video reveals. I thought to myself, what’s the best way to do this? A ha, divide and conquer! I stood in one spot and raked the acorns from each direction into a small pile, moved to another spot and so on and so on. There I was in the midst of all these piles of acorns and the light bulb went on “Ding”. Object lesson— if each person who is saved by the Lord Jesus would reach out to one person in their immediate area and invite them to church, or share their testimony how long would it take before one acorn would turn into a pile of acorns?

Do you have a business card? Bet you have no problem giving it away to get connected? What if you had business card that identifies who you are in Jesus, would you give it away? Did you now most churches have business cards and invitation cards?

Here’s a copy of my business card for Complete In Him.

2014CIHimcardHere’s one I designed as a church invitation handout or door hanger.


To get your harvest going this fall give away your identity in Christ and invite someone to worship with you at your church.

Well, that’s what revival is all about. Did you know when raking the acorns out of the plushest, greenest areas was the hardest to do. You really have to work hard to get the rake though the grass and weeds. However, raking them together in the driest hardest soil areas was the easiest, but also the dirtiest. The rake hit the dry dirt and it went flying in the wind, but the acorns rolled nice and smooth into a pile. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a message there for the church. I mean, if you’re thirsty and hungry or desperate, just a thought?

An insight to leave you with. It only takes one well planted acorn to become a mighty Oak for God, “Boom!”

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