Manna This, Festive Wood Fired Paella


Paella – Festive Wood Fired Paella Cooked On A Green Egg

Paella pan-18 inch in diameter serves 8-10 olive oil

  • one chicken (cut up into 14 smaller pieces)
  • 6 pork ribs (cut in half and along each bone…leaving 12 smaller pieces)
  • green beans (cut tips off and into 1-1.5 inch length)
  • two handfulls red peppers (cleaned and left in 1-2 inch squares)
  • artichokes (optional) 5-6 HEARTS ONLY !!!
  • liver paprika roma tomatoes-5
  • garlic-5 cloves saffron (if you can get it) or turmeric (in spice rack)
  • rice (100-125 grams per person)
  • water (to be made into broth)
  • rosemary and salt

How to prepare:

Cover the base of the pan with olive oil–not too much or the paella is really “heavy” afterward especially Once the oil is hot–all meat (chicken and ribs) in the pan…. salt and mix frequently until nicely browned.

Add vegetables (green beans, red peppers)…salt again and continue to mix until cooked (not fully but somewhat cooked)…they will finish later. I add the liver with the vegetables or halfway through cooking them since this goes a little quicker.

Add paprika and saffron and mix (1-2 minutes only) before quickly adding grated Roma tomatoes (pre-paired before) along with grated garlic (also pre-paired before). Can let tomato and garlic go for 3-5 minutes.

Add water to the top of pan. If water is boiled before on a stove it can expedite. Source of heat should be going strong for the entire half hour (or more) of boiling.

Critical juncture now !!!

Taste the broth you have created. Should taste like a slightly salty chicken vegetable soup. Add salt or broth to taste.

Distribute the rice and bring heat to a slow simmer.

Rice generally takes 20 minutes to cook. Halfway through, if you add the rosemary, it will be good.

Cover with aluminum foil if necessary.

Enjoy !!! recipe Bill Bannantine

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