Images During Prayer, A Prophetic Message To The Body Of Christ


Images During Prayer, A Prophetic Message To The Body Of Christ

Ministered to Generation Church 2014, Gastonia NC

Part One.

Blessed — To Bless
What we have been afforded through the Cross can only be explained as the greatest miracle and gift of love the world has ever known. Jesus poured Himself out so He could pour into us His blessings. If it were not for the cross we would not be able to enter into the presence of God. We would have a huge curtain in front us, known as a veil, protecting the Holy of Holies from us. But at the cross, Jesus rent the vail so we could enter in to the very presence of our Heavenly Father through His righteousness and shed blood.

Pray and Wait.
As I prayed to the Lord about what He wanted me to speak about to Generation Church, the images of the struggle that ministers in the body of Christ are going through came into mind. What was shown to me made me weep, and, will give many who would listen great cause to do a heart check.

You know, ministers are real people to. They struggle just like everyone else. They start out doing one small task in obedience, and then another, and then another. As they walk in obedience the Lord blesses with more opportunities to glorify and serve Him. And that is what ministry is all about. One step for His glory at a time.

When I prepare a message, the message of the Lord, sometimes He allows me to speak on things He has already brought me through. Or, for some reason or current issue, we are lead to minister about current events the body is dealing with in their lives. Both minister to the heart of the issue through testimony and / or proclamation of His mercy and grace through His word. He gives us an insight, a word, a direction about what He is wanting us to pay attention to in very close detail. Boy, is that a loaded statement. However, here’s what came to mind, it’s a bit of both. And everyone who ministers the gospel (that’s you and me) goes through moments of revelation and testing so we can become a blessing to His body.

Images of Revelation and Prophecy During Prayer:

1) The most important image I received during prayer, as I prepared for this message, was servanthood; we are saved and called of Christ to serve.

How do we get to the place of servanthood?

2) We press into Him with our worship.

3) We bow before Him in adoration and prayer.

4) We bring the proclamation of His word, His promises, to lift up the body and minister to the world through His anointing for His glory.

5) We empty ourselves out so He can pour more into us and upon us.

6) We are led to serve through the leading, the anointing, of His Holy Spirit.

7) By “The Way”, we who are a part of the Body of Christ are all ministers of His gospel of salvation one way or another.


Isaiah 61: 1-3 Exaltation of the Afflicted
v1) The Spirit of The Lord God is upon me,
 because The Lord has anointed me
 to bring good news to the afflicted;
 He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
 to proclaim liberty to captives
, and freedom to prisoners;
v2) To proclaim the favorable year of The Lord
, and the day of vengeance of our God;
 to comfort all who mourn,
v3) To grant those who mourn in Zion,
 giving them a garland instead of ashes,
 the oil of gladness instead of mourning,
 the mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting, so they will be called oaks of righteousness,
The planting of The Lord, that He may be glorified.

What is the Isaiah 61:1-3 proclamation about:
1. The anointing
2. Spreading the gospel message
3. Moving in the gifts of The Holy Spirit
4. God’s favor
5. Worship and Praise to break the yokes of bondage
6. Becoming Oaks of righteousness
7. Planted and growing in The Lord to His Glory.

I asked the Lord why this message Lord, are you sure this is what you want me to proclaim? After the first draft I spent a day praying and hoping for another message, nothing came. So, here we go.

Over the past two weeks I have been getting pictures, leadings, words and messages in my prayer time, talk time, bible time, including messages from other ministers. Even though they’re from different camps they’re of the same Lord and Holy Spirit saying the same thing in subtly different ways.

This is what the the Lord has been talking to me about and challenging my heart with.

“My people have become heavy laden and disinterested. They have no thirst and crave being spoon fed with baby food. Their passion for Me is but a spark, being overwhelmed by their personal issues and worries for worldly things.”

Luke 8:14 The seed which fell among the thorns, these are the ones who have heard, and as they go on their way they are choked with worries and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to maturity.


Thus sayeth the Lord: “I have come to bring life, and that life in Me, more abundantly. I keep hearing about a remnant; many ministers keep talking about the army of remnants? I do have a remanent that is hungry. Sons and daughters who have been passed over, left behind, out cast and bitten, abused by My bride and the world. They sit crying for My presence and desire to be used. Down trodden and dismayed their hearts have been filled with hope and expectancy by Me sayeth The Lord.

I have placed into their hearts, those who have cried out, a desire for more of Me. They gather in small groups and pray at the leading of My Holy Spirit. They press into My presence with tears of adoration and desire to glorify Me. I Am about to pour out upon them great gifts as they continue to empty themselves out before Me and tarry for My purpose.”

(Now this is where it gets a bit personal. And why I prayed to confirm “Lord are you sure this is what you want me to speak about?”

Then He said to me: “Testify of the struggle and winning the battle. Do you know why I have poured my spirit in you and upon you?

I said: To be a blessing Lord

Yes, to be a blessing.”

And as I wept before Him I said: Lord I have tried so hard to give away what you have blessed me with. I pray for more of you so I can give it away. I want more of You Lord so I can keep giving Your blessings away. I am weary with tears for Your presence and Your Tsunami. Where am I going wrong? Why is there no fruit of Your glorious presence as promised, as I have seen you move in the past? Lord, I pray daily with tears to make sure I am walking down the right path and my actions are consecrated in You, unto Your glory. We are blessed by You and given the right food to eat. Yet, we step out in faith expecting Your Glorious Presence but no Tsunami?

The Lord calmed my heart and wiped my tears and began to redirect my heart. All I could sense was His Love.

He said:
“You remember the Joy of watching Me work. You sat there watching Me touch hearts and changing lives and You loved every minute of it. You love just being with Me and you yearn for that time again knowing full well it’s what is needed to change the world.

You love My presence. You understand the more you give away, the more I will fill you up and expand the gifts I have placed in your life.

I have taught you to give away everything I give to you so others can grow in and glorify Me. I have recently blessed you to find great joy in doing so. For you know the anointing is Mine and for My glory unto The Father. I have blessed you not to fear man or care about what people or others might think, because it (the fear of man) hinders The Holy Spirit.

From this time of ministry, 1970 to 2014 you bear the scares in your heart of testing from My bride and the world’s persecution of you. I have allowed you to be outcast, shun and rejected for spreading the word of promise, My manifested presence. For believing in Me I have strengthen you for this very time. You have witnessed first hand the ugliness of church politics. For such a time is this, it’s a time to stand and be strong. Let your heart take courage. And focus on Me.”

The Lord revealed to me, “across the land My ministers and My bride are afraid to pour themselves out completely in public. They cry to Me where it’s safe in their closets, but, many have lost the fire of abandonment for their first love. I am a jealous God.”

There is a difference between piousness and public adoration.

“Once fire brands, they have become soft and wanting to be coddled. They no longer trust Me with all of their heart. They feel they have to protect their usefulness, their territory, their ministry, their self esteem, their social identities and they turn to their own understandings based on popular culture and current social norms.

Also, others have wrong motivations, they want to use My anointing and The Holy Spirit for self glorification, to become someone that men will esteem. All of this is nothing more than vanity and pride. They’re fearful of the fickle hearts of men, who like you one minute when all goes well then trample you under their feet the next.

But, I The Lord bend low to raise up the down trodden. I have called all to freely give away what has been given to them. To build and share in the joy of building up the gifts of My body. To empower them for My glory. But they don’t realize pride and vanity stop My blessing of presence. These issues are called yokes and they’re binding them from going forward.

This is what they say in their hearts — “what will people think”? Their places of fellowship, some are large and their worship trendy; however, My word going forward is like milk toast. They dare not offend anyone for fear they might leave. If only they would stop and listen to what The Holy Spirit is saying.

Repent, and I would heal them and pour Myself out upon them. My very existence, My Manifested Presence, is an offense to many in the church.

The Holy Spirit Is God and not a man or a gentleman as some have referred to Him. He moves upon men hearts regardless of their acceptance. Annanias and Sophira found His wrath when they lied to Him. God is to be loved and feared.

This evil in mens hearts is called (the fear of man) and (the yokes are called vanity and pride) and they must be broken. These types of yokes are broken by submission to My anointing. For My anointing breaks the yokes of bondage. One must cry out to the potter to mold the clay. They must empty themselves out with repentance at the altar of tears. They must abandon self, die to self, so I can give them fresh new wineskins and fill them up.

But, if their self pride is keeping them from allowing My power to overwhelm them and bless them they will never grow to the potential I have predestined for them. For the steps of My children are ordered of Me. And their destiny’s are made Complete In Me.

My people want the blessings, but are unwilling to pay the price of public humiliation for Me. Their raging fires of abandoned passion are now but a spark, flickering in the abyss of their self imposed egotistical apathy.

But, I have a remnant. The lowly, the poor, the small. They are hungry for Me and willing to do My will. They desire to become tools for My glory and don’t care what anyone thinks about them.

Just as My apostles had to learn in Acts so must My body. I am Calling My Body to repent. Those who do will surly be blessed of Me unto My Glory.”

Altar Call:

Here’s the deal, at every point The Lord made I wept. I checked my heart in Him, because, I want to be found faithful. I asked for forgiveness and enlightenment concerning the issues in my heart and to check my motives. I want all my motives to be centered around glorifying Him. The Glory Is His. I suggest you do the same.

Worship Him, adore Him, repent as you bow before Him.

Let your tears wash His feet.


Double check your motives. Are you doing all things to please Him or to please men to receive the reward of their esteem? Which, by the way, will be burned up by the test of His fire at judgement.

As He moves to quiet your heart and wipe away your tears listen to His still small voice. The voice of Loves perfect light, The Holy Spirit.

Follow the leading of The Holy Spirit in direct obedience.

Ask Him, the next time you preach, to manifest His glorious presence. Then lead the flock to worship at His feet.

Honor Him, first, by inviting Him to lead that which is already His. Adore Him and watch what happens.

I Pray The Lord Bless you as you repent and press into Him. May He find you faithful, hungry and adoring Him— your First Love.

Your servant in Christ, ES

Part Two: Blessed to Bless. Let him who boast, let their boast be in the Lord!

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